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theechochorus's Journal

The Echo Chorus: A Multi-Fandom Drabble Community
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The Echo Chorus
Welcome to The Echo Chorus, a multi-fandom drabble community! Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to write 100 drabbles based off of prompts. This community stemmed from a need to be inspired and hopefully it will do the same for you! The rules are very simple and intended to do just that.


; There are 100 prompts made of one, two, or three words. (See chart below) Prompts do not need to be written in order so choose whichever one strikes your fancy and let the words flow.

; The first step is to decide on a character, couple, or series - from any fandom of your choice. There are no limits on how many people can claim a character/couple/series or how many you claim.

; Drabbles should be between 100-500 words.

; Drabbles can be any rating, but please clearly mark all Adult Rated stories if you happen to write one.

; There are no deadlines so you have the freedom to work at whatever pace you would like.

; Please place the body of your drabble behind an LJ Cut. Put the following information above the cut:

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

; When posting your completed story, please use tags. Include your username, the title of your story, its pairing/characters, the rating and the prompt. Like so:

author: colour_me_jaded, title: our miracle, couple: nathan/haley, rating: adult, prompt: baby

Tags are very useful in a community and make it much easier to find past entries.

; If you will be posting your drabbles on other communities/message boards/website, please provide a link back to this community. That way more people can find out about it. :)

; Have fun!


nhlovenest ; pixies_fic ; pixies_icons ; yourheartinmine ; saythewordsthen ; ros_ichallenge


If you would like to help promote this community, please copy the code directly under the button you wish to use and paste it into your userinfo.


Layout created by anjuska

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

Prompt Table
001.Games 002.Addicted 003.Ring 004.Kiss 005.Flowers
006.Candy 007.Cuddle 008.Passion 009.Under the Influence 010.Massage
011.Until Tomorrow 012.Blue Skies 013.Secrets 014.Happy Birthday 015.Photograph(s)
016.Heartache 017.Sunshine 018.Rain 019.Cuddly Toy 020.Love
021.Hate 022.Waterfall 023.Decisions 024.Scent 025.Snow
026.Presents 027.Darkness 028.Baby 029.Letters 030.Secrets and Lies
031.Shoes 032.Disappointment 033.Tears 034.Death 035.Broken Heart
036.Shooting Star 037.Jealousy 038.Hurt 039.Forbidden 040.Pillow Talk
041.Behind Closed Doors 042.Fetish 043.Strangers 044.Falling Slowly 045.Dreams
046.Silence 047.Monday 048.Ghosts 049.Welcome Home 050.Moonlight
051.Afterglow 052.Sand 053.Sunset 054.Sunrise 055.Glass
056.Breakable 057.Anniversary 058.Elusive 059.Insomnia 060.Freedom
061.Stay 062.Hiding My Heart 063.Say Yes 064.Safe 065.The Hardest Part
066.Apologies 067.Whispers 068.Pieces of You 069.Miracle 070.Bad Habits
071.Fate 072.Eternity 073.Head Over Heels 074.Angel 075.Music
076.Sympathy 077.Weekend 078.Paris 079.Flaws 080.Gravity
081.Fear 082.Fantasy 083.Promise 084.Old Friends 085.Family
086.Butterflies 087.Chocolate 088.Time 089.Lust 090.Lullaby
091.Crash 092.Turbulence 093.Shiver 094.At First Sight 095.Please Forgive Me
096.Writer’s Choice 097. Writer’s Choice 098. Writer’s Choice 099. Writer’s Choice 100. Writer’s Choice